Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easing back in with Bruschetta

Ok, I have not been doing very well keeping up my blog. I keep taking pictures of food that I am making, not posting it soon enough, and forgetting how I made it. I have a few requests and life is calming down a little bit right now, so let's start back in. 

Bruschetta with mozzarella balls

2 medium tomatoes (as you can see we used this strange dark variety of tomato that is currently popular in the store)
2 cloves of garlic, minced
6-8 basil leaves
a tablespoon or so of olive oil
1 tablespoon good balsamic vinegar
salt to taste
one baguette
little mozzarella balls (we used the little ones available marinated in the cheese case at the store)

Chop it up. Mix it up. Slice and lightly toast your bread. Let in marinade in the fridge for a while. We topped our with the little salty balls of cheese. 

Very yummy. Very simple. I will post more recipes soon. 

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